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City Fit is an established brand based in Spain linking all areas of fitness and nutrition and making it available to residents and holidaymakers alike.

As such we offer members discounts in various locations whether it be food, wellness, personal training, clothing or gyms.

For the coming year we are pleased to announce our FLEX and PUMP membership schemes, promoting your business and giving you a revenue stream that is promoted by ALL gyms via their websites and giving instant revenue and monetizing space on your website

Remember MALAGA is European city of sport for 2020 so this is your opportunity to cash in and gain both permanent and temporary members at NO cost to you.

How does it work?

The system is simple, as a CITYFIT collaborator your carry the CITYFIT banner on your website and any promotional  materials you produce. Any purchases through your dedicated link will give you instant commission. No waiting period, direct from purchase.

Memberships are designed to create additional footfall from new members and tourists alike without any cost to you whatsoever

FLEX allows entrance to any FLEX collaborating gym for 30 days. Additional classes can be purchased at retail price from the venue concerned – no commission

PUMP memberships allow full access to all CITYFIT venues and selected, free classes at FLEX gyms.

All memberships are for 30 days maximum and non-renewable for 45 days afterwards. That means your potential client can tour any venue and decide on the venue they enjoy the most… then to continue attending they will have to join as a normal member.

If you impress the customer, you gain the member. Either way you gain footfall, revenue on any drinks/classes etc used and new faces.

Whats the cost

Actual cost is zero. As a collaborator you agree to allow all Cityfit members use of your premises within our stated guidelines and subject to your gym rules. All members are registered in our easy to access database so you can confirm their identity and that the membership is live.

How do we register

Email us at and we will come and visit you to secure your place in this win-win promotion.